Catching the Attention of a Psychopath

Chris Burgess
4 min readSep 22, 2023
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Psychopath’s are unique with how they think. You can have some of the low functioning ones that never learn from a mistake and continually end up in prison, these are the ones you hear about on the news for some of the worst crimes and are totally conscienceless in what they do.

Then you have the high functioning ones that are highly intelligent which they only crave getting power over people and money. They will devise strategies and manipulations that are complicated and hard to fathom which allows their schemes to operate in plain site. No one would imagine that something so ‘in you face’ would actually be a psychopath’s scheme because it’s so bold and in the open for all to see.

Yet, time and time again a victim of a psychopath will be desperately trying to get people to understand what they’ve been going through. They point out the subtle signals that the Psychopath has left and to an onlooker it appears to be something benign and random happenstance but for the victim it has a very significant meaning and it’s actually a torturous reminder that they’re virtually stalked every day.

If you happen to become the target of a psychopath you will know it in good time. The reason could be anything but it often seems to be when a psychopath believes you to have attempted to deceive them. If the slight is big enough or if their ego was bruised in any way, then they may just make a project out of you.

The Project

Psychopath’s love their games and they love the feeling of power that they get over someone when they have broken down their psyche and turned them into a fearful mess. They are so bold that they will do literally anything to get the edge or the information that they need on you to start the fun.

You may have a psychopath probe your friends, or get someone to probe you by striking up casual conversations where they ask you specific questions. Over time they’ll get more and more personal with the questions until they get what they need. Once your weaknesses are exposed then they’ll decide what they are going to do with you.

Psychopath’s love to have power and they love to have connections that they can have at their beckon call. So it may not be total obliteration that they have planned for you…



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