Narcissistic Witches

Chris Burgess
3 min readSep 8
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It may seem like magic that they cast upon you but there is no magic here. Just a bunch of witches that get together and make a competition of destroying men for their own ego sake.

Yes, there are places where narcissistic women gather and they take turns trying to woe potential suitors into becoming interested in them. If a suitor happens to take the bait they will put that person through an intensive 2 or 3 months of constant drama and fighting as well as a honey moon period of being blissfully perfect.

The honeymoon period will keep the guy locked in. He wants to get that back in the worst way and he’s willing to stick out these ridiculous fights that are started for no reason.

It’ll seem flabbergasting at first as to why these fights even occur. He won’t make heads or tails of it and he will do everything in his power to appease the woman even taking blame for things that are not his fault.

She is the expert at talking circles around him. She will bring up the same things day after day but in each recount of the story the parts that don’t Favour her will be slowly dropped or watered down where the parts that don’t favor you will be ramped up in importance until one fine day she will demand that you admit to being abusive to her and she will emphatically state that she has done nothing wrong at all.

The man will be left with a choice. Does he abandon the months of work he’s put in to try to get this woman to be reasonable so they can get back to the perfect woman he first met? Try as he may he can’t just walk way.

No, this constant fighting over made up reasons to fight like when she randomly decides she needs to check his phone and finds some old text message that she can construe into being a slight against her — at that point she attacks him for this message and it had nothing to do with her but she won’t take that for an answer. After days of fighting over it he finally apologizes because he’s so sick of hearing about it.

This has the effect of putting her on his mind 24/7 and after a couple of months of this thinking of her is now a habit. Getting out of this relationship is now going to be as hard as quitting smoking or some other addiction because she has essentially trained his mind to think of her all the time.

Now she has him. He’s admitting to things that he didn’t do, he’s apologizing to her for things that were never an issue and now after enough of these collective apologies gathered into one final coupe de grace fight she lists all of these things that he has apologized for thus clearly making it all his fault. He can’t take the apologies back so he has to once again apologize to her for being abusive.

Now she really has him. He’s addicted and he thinks he is at fault and has been mistreating her. She will ramp up the abuse and she has herself one broken man slave.

The witches cackle with glee

Chris Burgess

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