Narcissistic Women Age Faster Than Their Men

Chris Burgess
2 min readSep 8
Photo by Marisa Howenstine on Unsplash

The narcissistic woman will taunt and she will make fun of her man in the most nasty and nefarious of ways honing in on all of his weaknesses. If a man happens to be a bit sensitive about his age then the narcissistic woman will attack that weakness like a rabid rat, hissing and scratching and frothing at the mouth.

Fear not men, there is one universal fact that is for certain. On a year per year basis the narcissistic women have the upper hand while they are younger but as they age that power balance shifts and the men become more distinguished while time is less than favorable to them.

As the Rolling Stones Put it — Time is on my side, yes it is — yes it is.

So, whatever the weakness is that the narcissistic woman is focusing on you must find a way to remind her that she is not entitled to bypass the laws of physics and nature and in the end menopause is the great equalizer. Yes, there is a point where the balance will shift and the men will look younger and be more esthetically pleasing to the eye.

So to all of those narcissistic women that like to point out some guys age — just remember — time is on his side, not yours.

Chris Burgess

I write opinion columns around mental health and personality. I am not a professional but I do read extensively about the topics I discuss.